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True or False: A substance tha...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello everyone the question is a substance that brings about reduction or reduces another substance is called a reducing agent have to stay if the given statement is true for the talking about a substance that reduces another substance or that brings about reduction we will see what is reduction what is the process of production so in reduction we say that whenever there is a removal of oxygen removal of oxygen or vacancy addition of hydrogen addition of hydrogen or gain of an electron game of an electron whenever any of these three things happened then we say that the substance is being reduced or we can say that reduction has taken place so

a substance that brings about reduction is known as a reducing agent a reducing agent not this reducing agent although brings about reduction on the other substance itself gets oxidized ok so this reducing agent brings about reduction in another substance and itself gets oxidized swing example for which is here we have to O3 that is ferric oxide which reacts with three moles of Co2 3 moles of carbon dioxide this is a reaction that we have here ok now oxygen attached

but after the reaction the products and you can see that the oxygen has been removed so reduction of oxide is taken place and who is the reducing agent carbon monoxide outside is acting as a reducing agent and it is reduced in ferric oxide and said here that the reducing agent gets oxidized itself oxidation is nothing but opposite of reduction so here and there was only one oxygen at carbon in carbon monoxide after the reaction and oxygen is added to it that means that here Sapno oxidized this is the answer for the question so here a substance that brings about reduction or reduces and other substances called reducing agent is a true statement that was the nation thank you

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