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Periodic Classification Of Elements And General Inorganic Chemistry


Transition elements show horiz...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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Solution : Transition elements, due to shielding effect accquire almost similar size to last five elements to show horizontal relationship. Vertical relationship is due to similar electronic configuration.

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Transition Element 16 horizontal as well as vertical relationship we have to say whether it's a statement is true or false so I talk about the Transition Element Transition Element in group 3212 so group 3212 their presence and we can say that the transition metal group 3212 in periodic table they are generally characterized by they are generally characterized by partially partially filled partially filled deceptions D subshell that's why they are known as a Transition Element so we can say that unlike s and p block s and p block element transition metal exhibit significant horizontal similarity in chemistry in addition to their

vertical similarities this is because the size of it we can say that the size bust size of neutral neutral atom A T block of developed it decreases gradually applied from left to right from left to right the size of neutral atom decreases across and this is happening because of increase of effective nuclear charge that effective atomic number in addition the atomic radius increases down the group so what we can say we can say that transition metal element for gentle as well as vertical relation this statement is true


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