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Class 12






Chemical Bonding (Basic)


Total number of species which ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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students in this question we need to identify the total number of the species which is which are you all the three periods in hybridization of central atom and should be known for this is the condition to they have you get your beautifully and they have must have known for their structure over the following states is so this is xeo2 of two if you drop a structure for this morning that you have total of valence electron of 85 draw the structure of this way of making Singh award with oxygen and rest of the making this is going for the moment then I need to meet 11 covid-19 I will be left with only one lone pair of electrons of this is going to be structure and in this case hybridization if we calculate in terms of Singam 1 2 3 4 3 in 1 out to be sp3d you can also a traditional approach by writing then and configuration and overlapping oxynova

returns of metals and nonmetals in that case it going to very lengthy what we are directly learning that you need to find the sigma bond and the total number of 1 + 1 by 1 + 1 2 3 4 5 our site will be of sp3d total of five factors that make the second diagram is well behaved drawing diagram so what is this polar molecule by this effect of electronegativity of fluorine and chlorine will be cancel exam what I hear is going to be invalid because loan per reasoning dipole moment this disappointed waiting dipole moment with respect to this right direction so this is going to be somewhat new not equal to zero that means dipole moment will be there and nature equal to be polar nature similarly we are moving with equal to 10 carbon and making two points with this and one

long term will be the meaning of this is going to be having three or without you that means orbital hybridization habitation turns out to be SP2 and it will look again the same reason chlorine is due to more negative so there contributed I want to pass down but this is opposing some new words not equal to zero in this case it's all the fault of people were similarly consider the thermostat 11 chapter 4 to basically having so I will be used for making boat so 123 ful film it will be there will be next 123456 Supertech also used this full EP and it is also another because this square plane will be cancel Each Other dipole moment and fluorine and loan per will be somewhat making you know

equal to zero is also going to be polar in nature similar to we need to find that all the 3p orbital the use and the molecule is being not qualify in first case there is all the use of 3p Orbital hybridization and small molecule is going to be polite and you can check the second element is not going to take this molecule is parents we are not going to take similarly you can consider the third case as well here is used and news also not equal to zero that it is being held in 2018 Single Single Banswara pin to learn to be present in 202 Signa BS4

is 24 cm ovarian Sonu polarity but this will be making dipole not equal to zero X with geometrical structure is symmetrical geometry metrical and geometry and that is the reason being cancelled by each other sim metrical geometry this is going to have dipole moment equal to feel that this is going to be a nonpolar molecule because of that when you consider that cancelling your answer to that of a given on considering next diagram this is going to be clearly you can draw the diagram

serving the type of bolt with single single bond with excellent and covalent bond will you also made and one set of Lingerie having so this and it making dipole moment downwards to this is contributing board dipole moment we're not going to cancel because of this band structure to the news also not equal to zero is this molecule also it's going to be a bipolar type of molecular and hybridization Sigma Sigma loan per it will be SP2 hybridization not full EP is utilised to that's right between Ottawa option selected the set of options as well we are given our next option that is xef7 positive Samiti Vardha option selected diagram it mean to have a planar geometry 3.2 will be represented in the plane on the left hand side and to what will be represented in this and this is a TV

planar geometry is going to be found in this case and because of this planar geometry this molecule is going to be our nonpolar type known because dipole moment exactly cancel each other a good Avicii 12345678 coronavirus p3d 3 will be the operation and full EP will be utilised and moreover the geometry of the structure is that they are going to exactly cancel the dipole moment the three will be cancelling with this to and this up and down will be catching the overall molecule become nonpolar by cancelling the dipole moment so this is going to be a positive and our molecule of xeo4 why because it is also containing turtle that is symmetrical geometry overall molecule is nonpolar let me take the another set of options then left that is the molecule of AC and heating sef4 we are having so this was the last molecular diagram

for the same as containing one lone pair and 4 will be present Kumari there will be making decide that are exactly cancelling and S2 are contributing on the right side but they are not completing each other so overall new how to be not equal to zero so this molecules now become a polar molecule so we do not need to take this often and more hours 12345 habitation of 25 orbital sp3d will be the nation and Pulley people views but this condition will it out so we do not need to take for what is the answer xef7 positive and xeo4 these are our two options and surrounding area the two molecules which having both condition

Click here to get PDF DOWNLOAD for all questions and answers of this chapter - VK JAISWAL ENGLISH Class 12 CHEMICAL BONDING (BASIC)

Click here to get PDF DOWNLOAD for all questions and answers of this Book - VK JAISWAL ENGLISH Class 12 CHEMISTRY

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