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Class 12






Chemical Bonding (Basic)


Total number of species which ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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total number of species which is used all three p orbitals in hybridization of central atom and should be known for their also we have to see which is using three orbitals which is P orbital and nonpolar means you mean that is Udaipur Women must be zero so we're having first it is about to have to zehn on 10 belongs between groups have Valence Electrons it is 12345678 it is one oxygen 11 fluorine 1 floor inheritance lone pair so studying number is your sigma bond plus your lone pair decide the hybridization it is 12344 sigma bond + 1 is your loan check number is 5 + hybridization is it is SP2 SP3 hybridization is this so hair essential to it is your

it is belongs to 14004 Valence Electrons it is 1 crore Innova hair and it is your lone pair it has to be a tool on best selling number is 12 sorry it is due to a one on the check number is hybridization is SP2 then we having a 5 that is iodine clock 17 Gupta Valence Electrons is 1 2 3 4 5 6 and 7 it is one two three and it is 5 floor in over here and it is one lone pairs with his five sigma bond plus one on Pata 67 check number is 6 feet is sp3d to next having HIV positive iodine again 7 valence electron 1234567 not because it is positive charge it is one I run over here let's make this over here it is one I've been over here we have into one lone pair to learn basic to want me to check number is four hybridization

3 next we're having you for that is then on again at electron b is 1234567891 Oxygen 234 b is 4.0 non plastic number is 4 hybridization is SP3 ISO to that is Sulphuric long 216 properties 123456 on Oxygen over one oxygen over it is lone pair where is 2.1 nonplussed ek number is three hydration is SP 207 it is 12345678 were not because it is forced to wear the floor 7 is 1234567 7 Sigma bonds no lone pair so it is check number is 7 sp3d 3 then having sef4 Selenium 16 groups login 123456

chlorine timing and one is your lone pairs it is 41 PS1 loan + check number is 5 ration is sp3d know we have to check which of the following is nonpolar means which has zero dipole moment to hear or see or hear it is Oxygen more electronegative sweet rose you were here and here these most floor electronegative there electron density to Earth if it does not have a nonpolar does not have a dipole zero because it has electron density next to having it is lone pair and disclose it has repulsion between them so they cause depression between am and there must be a polarity so here it is Bond pair and lone pair repulsion so formation of your palari takes place due to this negative flooring talking about this unit is iodine this iodine

electronegative and it is known as what it does it creates proportion and separation of touch takes place it is therefore it is for oxygen are se madam and they were they were in this direction and this direction so this will cancel is dipole and this will cancel is type of which type of government is it is exam having it is exempt 7:45 here it is all of role in so what they do they cancel each other the polarity between them because this 7 chlorine and the known is non polar region on command is known for it doesn't have any prior to that it is dipole moment is also 2012 version and creation of a polarity Sonu diploma in zero here also this fluorine is more electronegative than a Selenium because of the central atom it creates the polarity it what it does it create Windows electron and it was it creates station that's why creation of

quality is what is non-compound there is a known as itself known policy does not create any charge two atoms and molecules that is your exit 24 xef7 of the nonpolar display because it is Oxygen and address flooring to more electronegative atoms are very Tahir no polarity generation because all atoms are saying and talking about which Fatima 3p orbital so here it is GP1 it is to so it is not here it is 3 again this also this is P3 here it is p333 this is not here it is these elements I am in molecules which happy of have 3p orbital and the hybridization of central atom has nonpolar

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Click here to get PDF DOWNLOAD for all questions and answers of this Book - VK JAISWAL ENGLISH Class 12 CHEMISTRY

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