To which category the following carbides belong ? <br> `SiC`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello everyone latest the question to which category the following carbide belong carbide carbide carbide ecotypes number 1 cal iron carbide number 2 covalent carbide number 3 interstitial carbide I Am Number Four intermediate transition metal carbide condition metal

carbide let us see what the following carbide one by one selling car bazar gross that consists of carbon and highly electropositive highly electropositive metal like alkali metals alkaline earth metal Andrew Pre wedding district metal are highly electropositive metal is metal + carbon form covalent carbide address which are formed by carbon and Boron carbon and silicon carbide because Boron and carbon

and carbon they are comparatively equal or similar inside and similar in electronegativity that is why they form covalent carbide interstitial carbide Oscar by carbide group wife and flix transition metals they are interstitial carbide intermediate transition metal carbide we won't go into detail example example the fe3c ap7 iron

RMC plant are called intermediate transition metal carbide in the question it has been asked to which the category the the carbide silicon carbide belong we can clearly see and carbide belongs to class of covalent carbide thank you

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