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Class 11






Ionic Equilibrium


To prepare a buffer of pH 8.26...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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question given year is to prepare a buffer of PH 8.26 amount of Ammonium Sulphate to be added into 500 ml of 4.01 molar nh4oh solution we have to calculate the value for the ammonium ion is also given that is 9.2 sick so let's all this given question here why did with ammonium ions that is NH4 + and we have to let assume it a be the many moods of the lives of the ammonium ions present we can apply here the equation for the buffer that is pH is equal to p k a a h i should not apply here yes that is we should use hair POS because we have to prepare basic buffer Sofia it is equal to p k b

+ love salt by acid this is the formula for calculating the pH of the basic buffer as you can see here that the ammonium Hydroxide is a weak base and combining with letter salt will give some basic buffer 246 buffer we can use this expression here now but in the given question we have provided here with the pH value or not the pH value and pk a well and not the pkb value so how we can use it you can use it like this that is 14 - 5th give us the value of your like this then what we can do 14 - pk a given the value of uses modified equation here like this

reporting the after putting the values in this formula let's see what the expression return that is to 3 minus it is changed it is given equation 8.2 is equal to 3 minus b k value is given here that is 9.26 plus lock for all we have assumed to be a reported a year then for concentration of acids are given here 500 ml of 4.01 molar so we can take out 500 Malad 500 ml of 4.01 molar so that would give us a value that is 5 so can put it now

solve this equation and it would give us the value 5.7 Core is equal to 4.74 + log a by solving this expression we can get the value of a hair comes out to be 50 now where even here with the Ammonium Sulphate salt salt and we can see in the formation of Ammonium Sulfate molecule a single cell fate radical meaning with two ammonium and ok so 50 represent the minimos of twice of Ammonium ions / to taking out the loss of signal ammonium so it would be

25 year we got the many moles of NH4 + ions which have to be added but the question is demanding has the most of animals so let's divide the minimos by thousand only that would give a value that is 4.0 where is 123 123 4.025 Mol of Ammonium Sulphate have to be added to make up lyrics let se in the given which one is showing us this way we can see that the option be giving us this value

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