Tin and lead form divalent Sn (II) and lead (II) and tetravalent i.e., Tin (IV) and lead. (IV) compounds. Tetravalent and dioxides of lead and Tin are amphoteric in nature. Lead tetra fluorite is ionic solid where as `PbCl_(4)` is covalent. `Pbl_(4)` does not exist. Lead (II) halides are white whereas `Pbl_(2)` is yellow in colour. <br> Q. Reaction of SnO with NaOH gives

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hello everyone the question is formed by violent that is assigned to and lead to and travel and food and lead for compound tetravalent and die oxides of lead and Tin are amphoteric in nature tetrafluoride is ionic solid where lead tetrachloride is covalent and ionic iodide does not exist to halides are white Where are pbi2 is yellow in colour the reaction of S10 that is standard with nanh2 sno2 H2S

NO2 any three sno2 sno2 latest write the reaction for this so what happens is Pintu style reacts with Sodium Hydroxide to produce tenets Sodium and water this reaction takes place at the temperature near 400 degrees so the reaction is S10 Plus and a at around 400 degrees to give na2s NO2 + water and hear this equation gets balance so it forms the product that is tenet Tu sodium this is

standard to Sodium and water so are optional latest products have this option 2 option number one is na2s NO2 this option matches of this answer matters option number 162 sno2 no no H2S no is formed no NH3 sno2 is form no s10e is formed only na2s then go to that is standard to sodium is formed and what so eruption number one is the correct answer thank you

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