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Class 12






Structure Of Atom


The work function for a metal ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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2700 A1700 A5900 A3100 A

Answer : D

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the first is the work function of a metal is electron velocity from the surface of the metal the wavelength of the incident light should now be talked about equation is that the energy is equal to the work function function and also represent I find some 95 + the kinetic energy is saying that the energy equal to MC square it means that the kinetic energy in the function is equal to new note when you're not is the threshold frequency is equal to

new is musical the musical you can say that the work function by equal to H new not and this can be written as the value of function is given to US Polo electron volt is equal to symbol for electron whenever you're taking work function of the energy in electron and you have to find out the answer in the values of

when you are using electron volt music and electron volt speaker and calculated at P and 12737 12371 23757 ever Bolt and nut to find out the answer in is 12375 not give you the value of the unit at you need to you need to remember tricks to become an 2375 divided by 4 and this will be nearly equal to 3102 just remember that the value of x is equal to 127 12375 is used only for calculating an extra and

answer this question is option

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