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The vapour pressure of pure be...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : the various quantities known to us are as follows <br> `p_(1)^(0)=0.850` bar: `p=0.845` bar, `M_(1)=78g" "mol^(_1),w_(2)=0.5g,w_(1)=39g` <br> substituting these values in equation , we get <br> `(0.850" bar"-0845" bar")/(0.850" bar")=(0.5gxx78" g "mol^(-1))/(M_(2)xx39g)` <br> therefore, `M_(2)=170g" "mol^(-1)`

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the vapour pressure of pure benzene at a certain temperature is given as pointed 51 not volatile and non electrolyte solid waving point 5 gram is added to 39 gram of benzene the vapour pressure is then point at 4 degrees what is the molar mass of a solid substance question is based on the relative lowering of Vapour pressure and the formula it it is not equal to is the mole fraction of the solute or simply write it into upon anyone avoiding the into in the denominator ok Maine formula according to the question P not which is the pressure is it is given point 850

after adding the solute is given as point 845 power and what it has been given in the given point 5 G of the electrolyte and 39 and putting things to simplify in one is the weight of 39 G and the molecular weight of 78 gram per mole ok so from here we can calculate the moles of benzene which is 4.5 the given weight which is 4.5 G

and Molecular weight that we need to calculate putting the values in the main equation now not point 850 -2.8 5445 upon point 850 equal to enter upon and one in 2.5 g m and will be 7.1.5 give calculated it here ok sunao point 5 gram upon 4.5 in 2.850 and

8.8 45 ok so it will be 5 into 10.850515 will be point 1.17 and into 10 raise to power 3 it will be further Amazon 2170 gram per mole ok this is the molecular weight of the non volatile electrolyte that has been added to the solution so that

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