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Class 12






Chemical Kinetics


The unit of the rate of reacti...

The unit of the rate of reaction is ............ and the unit of first order rate constant is

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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blouse patterns the question is the unit of measurement of weight of reactions is dash and the unit of first order rate constant is the first of all when and reactions is converting to product support that wait what is rate is change in change in concentration in short we can write SEO and see for consultation with respect to time that is called rate or we can see another way we can define the rate in terms of pressure as well as impression change in pressure / that is also called street food in terms of this consideration is a major in mole per litre so unit of this rate will be Munh per litre and time

s r m s s s will be the unit of this rate and pressure is taken in ATM ATM PS or we can see what is the unit of restoration what is the first of all the first two races mistress of the first the patients were in that case I will be equal to ke Ek Deepa this is called Rate Law expression and in railway station the power of the concentration is known as order for the hair order is ones here power we don't know what is the unit of this a constant right now this reaction is a great way to show what is the unit of this rates of mole per litre mole per litre per second is equal to K and unit of this consultation so unit of conservation is mole per litre so bol Pandit thermal printer will get cancel out unit of K is becomes positive SI unit of ke

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