The table given below shows the position of element U, V, X, Y and Z <br> <img src="https://doubtnut-static.s.llnwi.net/static/physics_images/OSW_ICSE_QB_CHE_IX_C05_E02_079_Q01.png" width="80%"> <br> Identify metals, non-metals and noble gases

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Solution :
Metal - U,V <br> Non-metals -X <br> Noble gases - Y,Z


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so the question here is the table given below shows the position of element U V W X Y and Z so these are the elements which are placed in the respective groups group 1 group 2 group 17 and group 18 we have to identify which of the elements are metals nonmetals and noble gases ok so first we have to see the periodic table if you see the periodic table here is the question is only telling about group 1 group 2 group 17 and 18 only for groups are there so if you see this is group 1 this is group 2 and this is 17 and this is 18 as you all know that group 18 is which group is noble gases group because all noble gases are present in the group 18 here are you can see Helium and Argon krypton season and red and sore

all the noble gases so group 18 is always known as noble gases group if you seem group 17 these are call halogen family OK call halogen family group 17 all call halogen family and they all are non metals ok so if you have to identify how which of the elements are metals and nonmetals you have to simply check the valence electrons of the element if you see the valence electron of a element is 567 if there is a valence electrons of 567 you can strictly say that the element is non metal ok and if you have the valence electron of 1 2 and 3 to cancel Italy the say that the element is

ok so this is a trick to find out this is a simple trick to find out the element the element which are metals and nonmetals if you see here or all of the group 17 elements will be having the valence electron of 7 if you see the fluorine chlorine electronic configuration is 27 which means there is 7 valence electron chlorine electron configuration 287 so it goes till the atomic and all of the elements will be having the seven Valence Electrons so this these are call nonmetals so first first we have no that group 18 is noble gases this is noble gases group and what does group 17 is group 7 3 is non metals ok let's talk about group 1 and group 2 if you see group 1 group 1 is told to be alkali metals

these are alkali metals if you see all of the elements will be having the valence electron of one if you see hydrogen which have on Lithium 21 this is Sodium 281 this is Potassium 2881 in which you can see there is valence electron of one in all of the elements in group on Sudheer called alkali metals how we can say metal because from this trick you can also see that there is one valence electron which means it is metals and what about to these also are metals if you see here group 2 is called alkali Earth metals all Kali earth metal this you have to remember all that because each group has its respective name here can see all of the elements will be having a valence electron of 2 year can see 22282

2882 this means all of the electrons all of the elements is having to Valence Electrons to valence electron means it is also metal so they are called alkali Earth metals so firstly they are first group are alkali metals and these are alkali Earth metals ok let's get back to the question the question is asking about identify metals where you can find the metals metals are there in to group group 1 and group to so bright metals are which elements this is metal and this is matter because group 1 and group 2 elements and metal so I'll write you and we let's get back to the non metals which of the elements are nonmetals here you can see the group 17 are called nonmetals

it is only one element placed in group 17 so alright X let's get back to the last noble gases so noble gases is why and jet so these are the classification of elements on the basis of question given above thank you

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