The sum of the total number of sigma bonds between chromium and oxygen atoms in chromate and dichromate ions is

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello students equation as the sum of the total number of sigma bond between chromium and oxygen atoms in chromatin dichromate Ion so it is asking the question that we need to calculate was a Sigma bonds in chromate and the Sigma bonds in dichromate and when and then we have to add the use of both these chromate let's start roommate as the formula of CR 42 - 9 letters in the structure of the status chromium there will be to oxygen like this bond here and there will be one oxygen minus and then it will be 1 - oxygen so basically has a tetrahedral structure and you can clearly see that the oxygen is in resonance with a double bond sexy this will come here and this will come on the resonance structure will be chromium here this oxygen -

so this will be double pointed oxygen you this will be single bond oxygen - and this will be double bond oxygen atoms like this only on the all the bond there will be invisible character with double bond character but we can count in Sigma bonds how many Sigma bonds are present in one sigma bond carbon oxygen once in my want this bond this has won Sigma and Pi bonds and this was one Sigma and Pi bond and Sigma bonds are present you can clearly see one two three and four 24 Sigma bonds are present in Croma time we talk about dichromate Ion dichromate ion is cr2 O7 2 - magazine the structure of this status chromium here it is chromium hear this is Oxygen this is Oxygen double bond year this will be double wanted Oxygen and the Silver singer border doxygen Naina Singh

oxygen double bond Oxygen and the year 2 - now you can see that these three bones these represent their interest in this is present year and this is your Safai make a structure of these little bit chromium oxygen chromium here also consider this one-day shipping available in the sitting here it is double bond oxygen 9 - here and there it will be double bond oxygen similarly a double bond oxygen oxygen - and the Silver double bond oxygen now it is very clear from the pictures that these three Bond in resonance and these three bones are in resonance with a vehicle and bonnet and so we can see that there are 6 theorem on the equivalent in them and to see our Bond are different and fine but the question was not this that was as it was how many Sigma bonds 21 this one as one Sigma and Pi this

Sigma is known as 101 part is bonded Sigma this bond is sigma bond is mounted sigma bond is this what is sigma bond is by this every atom 12345678 272 - has total of eight Sigma bonds I guess it sigma bond 10 total total Sigma bonds will be equal to sigma bond in CRO 42 - + Sigma mountain cr2 O7 2 - write this will be four year and this will be a total of 12 question was the sum of total number of Sigma bonds between premium and oxygen sorry and oxygen atoms in chromatin dichromate ion is 12

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