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The enthalpies of formation of CO2(g),H2O(l) and C2H4(g) ​ are respectively −393.5,−286 and +52.3kJmol −1 . The enthalpy change for the combustion of C2H4(g) ​ is ?


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hello everyone this is a question let me explain to you the enthalpies of formation of carbon dioxide water and C2 H4 that is ethanol respectively given to us the enthalpy change for the combustion of C2 H4 is so the first thing is to write the reaction for the combustion of this 18c to at home + oxygen will be forming carbon dioxide in water in such reactions it is very important to balance them so we would be requiring 3 moles of Oxygen and we get two moles of carbon dioxide into now been directly applied the net in healthy of the reaction will be equal to the enthalpy of formation of the product is enthalpy of formation we can we donate to show Delta located directly also show that ok enthalpy or
this they also enthalpy of formation of the products by estimation of enthalpy of formation for that of the Kiya ok so for the product it is already given It helped India having so we will be substituting the values according to their strictly metric efficient to into -393.5 Vikas do was of carbon dioxide at their plus two moles of for the water will be taking - 286 of subtracting that after basically a reactant from here to minus it will become zero zero we have taken for oxygen it simple tissue with and this will become that for the one mole of the a team that is plus 52.3 which becomes -50
we will write their only -52.3 hair that the Dell types of the cash point This is the answer

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