The stability of monohalides of group `13` elements

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

Increases down the groupDecreases down the groupFirst increases and then decreasesFirst decreases and then increases

Answer :
Solution :
Due to inert pair effect, stability of lower oxidation state, i.e. `+1` increases down the group.


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question monohalides of group 13 elements should analyse the oxidation state of the element anymore highlight highlight BB plus one so basically in group 13 elements basically we can say that group 30 element 22 oxidation States physically Star Plus 3 and + 1 Oxidation State physically analyse the stability of the plus 3 oxygen state then what we can see we can see that stability of plus 3 Oxidation State decreases down the group whereas a is

the stability of plus one Oxidation State increases down the group group ok to be can say that the stability of the monohydrate will be increasing down the group ok correct answer this question will be increases down the group option is correct I hope that I made myself clear thanks for JEE

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