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Class 11






Chemical Bonding And Molecular Structure


The species having bond order ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : The species `CO,N_(2)NO^(o+)` and `CN^(Θ)` are isoelectronic with total number of `14e^(-')s` in each Hence they have same bond order <br> But `NO^(Θ)` (total `e^(-')s=16)` has different bond order .

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in this question it is telling that does ensures that have bond order different from that of so ok we know that the species that have same Valence Electrons will have same bond order ok so if we find the valency of Thrones that is similar to that of more than that will have same border and the one that will have different will be the correct letters get started to let us find the number of Valence Electrons for has 6 valence electrons in oxygen accent Valence Electrons the total is 14 years to find from the option that species that has not putting up then only it will have different bond order that so so

option the first option we are having n to ok nitrogen has 7 valence electrons are there are two nitrogen atoms Socha 14 valence am coming to option be that is a no - ok nitrogen as 7 valence electrons of the agent has 8 18 + negative charge to one more Valence Electrons get it here so that will be 16 Valence Electrons now coming to option that is a no plus nitrogen 7 oxygen has 81 as one of the answer will be Valence Electrons sorry 14 valence electrons in the last of having that is 3 and minus ok so

nitrogen has 7 valence electrons are there is one we have to add that ki to we got 14 Valence Electrons so clearly same Valence Electrons as that of so we are finding the species and 2 and Aloe Plus and CL minus 3 will have same wanted but in the question is asked for the species that have different bond order so that is for a no - because it has different valence ok option Barbie

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Click here to get PDF DOWNLOAD for all questions and answers of this Book - CENGAGE CHEMISTRY ENGLISH Class 11 CHEMISTRY

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