The solubility product of BaSO4 is 1.5×109. Find the solubility of BaSO4 in
pure water


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the question the solubility product of baso4 is 1.5 into 10 to the power minus 5 find the solubility of baso4 in water due to the solubility of baso4 pretty + 1 is equal to a product that is equal to the product of the higher write the iron to which the costs associated with the concentration of h + 2014
celebrity to be 2 - also at which means that it becomes equal to x square and solubility become equal to under root of GST the value given to you right at 1.5 into 10 to the power will be getting the solvent equal to 3.7 into 10 to the president Mod find out the solubility and G letter of baso4 you can see the solubility of baso4 into the mould and -5 talk about BS4 how are you
16 bit 233 X 233 moon will be left with 9.0 into 10 to the power minus 3 gram per litre and this is the solitary

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