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The solubility of `Ba(OH)_(2)`. `8H_(2)O` in water at `288K` is `5.6g` per `100g` of water. What is the molality hydroxide ions in saturated solution of `Ba(OH)_(2)`. `8H_(2)O` at `288K` ? [At. Mass of `Ba=137,O=16,H=1`)

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Solution :
`2xx` moles of `Ba(OH)_(2)=` moles of `OH^(-)` <br> `2xx(5.6)/(315)=` moles of `OH^(-)` <br> molality of `OH=2xx(5.6)/(315)xx(1000)/(100)=0.356m`.


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hello given that the solubility of baso4 12.8 H2 in water at 298 K is 5.4 a 100 G of water what is the molarity of Hydroxide ions in pattern formation of bhu.ac 288 can win on atomic masses of BH 137 who is 16 and HS right Leti first of all that what is given to wear it is the molecular weight of the whole to I am body cular weight of this compound is let's calculate it is 137 for BA + 2 into 17 Pro X + 18 to 18 write this is going to give you 315 G so this is the molecular weight of BA

why is not a test to right now what is your name is to see what is the molality of Hydroxide ions in saturated solution of advice for what is the molality of this whole 12.8 bolati of molarity of the solution that is be a whole to ice.age to if you calculate the as we know it is number of moles number of moles of solute moles of solute dissolved by weight of the solvent in KG it is solvent in KG write this is only the formula for calculating the molarity from here we know very well what will be the number of moon 5.8 / 355 and you need to divide discover of movie

weight of solvent in kg to what will be the weight of solvent in KG since it is 128gb 100 divided by 1000 kg is how you are going to write only to be 5.6.12 315 this value of molality will be around 0.177 5th 0.18.1 got a taste of what happened actually be a hold of dissociation to give us BA + 2 + 2 x minus ions that is to Hydroxide ions plus a test to this is the dissociation reaction as you can see that here two moles of gas is produced due

what will be the polity polity of whatever was given a chance to calculate the molarity of beautiful status 2018 from here to try this modality will be around 0.63 this is only required answer to the question and

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