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Class 11






Chemical Bonding And Molecular Structure


The skeletal structure of CH_3...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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Solution : The correct structure is <br> `H-underset(H)underset(|) overset(H) overset(| )C- overset( : O: ) overset(||)(C)- underset(* *)overset(* * )O-H`

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hi everyone let's take a questionnaire the question is the skeletal structure of ch3cooh as shown below is correct but some of the carbon some of the bonds are shown in correctly write the correct Lewis structure for the Acetic Acid ok so Lewis structure basically is the electron dot structure in which we show the sharing by the sharing by the representation of Valence Electrons ok so here this given structure has the incorrect bonds ok so let's corrected so here in ch3cooh ok it has total 24 Valence Electrons basically Lewis structure is a representation for the valence electrons ok carbon has four Valence Electrons so here we have to carbon atoms ok to into 4 is equal to 8 electrons from carbon right hydrogen has one

hydrogen has won so1 in 24 ok hair we have 4 hydrogen atoms so it is four electrons from hydrogen and here we have to oxygen atoms to oxygen atoms ok so oxygen atom has 6 Valence Electrons so it means 6 into 6 into 2 is equal to 12 electrons ok 12 electrons from the oxygen so if we draw the structure so here the structure is C H H H ok here we are again and see here we have over and it ok but we have to correct the structure ok so what happened photo ch3cooh structure is this year we have the double bond write CV draw the Lewis structure here is C at h

c o and H ok to hydrogen have 11 valence electron 11 carbon has four right 1234 here also carbon is 4 hydrogen has won oxygen has 6 3 4 5 and 6 here also oxygen have sex ok so what happens is the single bond ok single bond indicate the sharing of electrons and double bond indicates the sharing of four electrons ok so here between Ch we have single bond so these two electrons will be shared these two will be these two will be and hear these two will be also shared ok Suno here we have the double bond it means that four electrons sweet mean these two electrons will be shared with the two electron from oxygen ok and hear oxygen

10 carbon has one single bond so 11 sharing right here also won so this earrings ok so now we can draw the structure now we can draw the structure to the structure is see it it and it's ok hair we have no no when valence electron because sharing happened so here we have see here we have double bond Orbit here we have 4 Valence Electrons which will be represented like this because we need the Lewis structure here also we have 1234 1234 now here we have hydrogen so this is the correct Lewis structure for the Acetic Acid Lewis structure for the Acetic Acid ok after the sharing of electrons we have the four Valence Electrons left on the oxygen atoms ok so here this structure is incorrect because here it

closet carbon has to valence electron but in the structure of Acetic Acid carbon shares its valence electron oxygen has four Valence Electrons so the correct Lewis structure is this ok so let's draw out here also so it is C H H H C double bond over here we have 4 here we have excision here again we have four and here at this is a correct Lewis structure and this is our answer thank you

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