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Class 12






Structure Of Atom


The shape of p orbital is ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Dumb-bellDouble dumb -bellSphericalConical

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hello student question is shape of the p orbital is optional double please double double please Sapera kal and please conical this question we have to find out the shape of the Sufi Hospital in p orbital the pair of law Pairon floor lie on the opposite side of the nuclear on the opposite sides of nuclear and that shape is approximately dumbbell shaped active cal it can be represented

as to keep probability of finding the electron on these in this tool of this is equal probability of finding the electron into lobes of P orbital is equal Andhra three degenerate P orbital fat divide and season 2 feet represented as PSC Pathanamthitta

date it log that will lie on the x-axis this is y-axis and this zx2 this is pH orbital similarly fever obtained will be 20 low that is electron probability that is on y axis this is a y axis distil BD tekton disease Z2 the p y orbital a acid is represented as when the electron probability is along the Z axis so that it is ab this is ZX this is why and this is this is 30 and orbital so these are dumb bilanshi to correct answer to

this question will be a option that I hope you understood it thank you

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