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Class 12






Nta Jee Mock Test 19


The set in which all the spe...

The set in which all the species are planar is : -

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`I_(3)^(-), CO_(2) , XeF_(4) , I_(2)Cl_(6)``CO_(2), SF_(4), ClF_(3), BrF_(5)``XeF_(4), H_(2)O, XeO_(4), PF_(3)``Icl_(2)^(+), I Cl_(2)^(-), CO_(2), XeO_(3)`

Answer : A


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the question is the set in which on the species that plane as this will be calculating the hybridization for the formula is half that is number of valence with the central atom -3 registered ionic charge + 8 is an ionic charge select calculate for the first set hybridization first we'll be talking about it it will be I will die station is equal to half there are 7 electrons in 1902 monovalent atoms 2 + 1 it will be equal to 10 by two that is 500 ization is sp3d we see the structure of this molecule then it is I three items and it will be known basic this and a negative charge all over we can see that it is a planar molecule all the three molecules these molecules are in a plane

so is as a planar molecule Nandan x102 Siva calculate hybridization of Co2 it will be half in 24 as oxygen is not a monovalent atoms which comes out to Bittu environment it is to it is SP hybridization of carbon and oxygen like this it will be present and you can see this is in a frame like this the next one is xef4 if we calculate the hybridisation of Exeter and it will be have 8 plus more that is 12122 that is 6 and 6 is sp3d to show a video of the structure it will be somewhat like this lone pair of electrons will be present and the force chlorine atoms will be present in a plane like this draw a plane vacancy this all size atoms in a plane not the next one is I took a

6 ever talked about i2c L6 it is a dimer IPL 3 and can be explained by this but the structure is playing a its structure similar to a l 23 l to CL 6 3 centre four electron model type to the structure will be ID Iodine so there will be two chlorine atoms how to chlorine atoms in the present like this merath Tu ID and 6 sorry natak and all constitutes in a single plane like this this is also known as we have seen in the set of the molecules are plane us know the next set of the first one is

CO2 hybridization we have calculated the hybridization was too and it is SP and hence it is planar we are calculated the sugar when we calculate in again sf4 4 will be equal to half 6 valence electrons in sulphur for monovalent atoms with 10 10 by 5508 HP 3 day we draw the structure like SF it will be like this so f4f items will be present here and alone Pacific and so was it is not name it is Raja series of shapes the next one is clf3 Bihar settle V7 plus 3 again 10 by 55 it will be sp3d and the structure will be of teeth shape that CL cigarette will be flooring flooring

and it will be chlorine and it will be long press fit is T shape it is not planar the next one is brf5 settle behalf 7 plus 5 that is 12122 is 6 which is sp3d hybridization structure will be bromine it will be lone pairs and the five laurinaitis like this again this is not be trained as a this suggests that it does not contain any planar atoms this isn't correct the next that is the first one is xef4 and we have talked about it is non planar compound the next one is H2O oxygen is not a more covalent compounds it will be only for oxygen is the central atom gear and hydrogen is

a monovalent atom so it will be 6 plus two and it will be 44 SP3 hybridization but the structure is like this so h&h it is bent on the atoms in plane and is a lone pair today is at the plane is a planar molecule of the next one is SEO 404 means hybridization will be equal to half exit electron and oxygen is not a monovalent atoms it will be both again SP3 hybridization the structure will be somewhat XB o structure and atoms are not in plane the next one is PF 30 pf3 the hybridisation will be equal to half 5 + 3 that is 8 and again it comes out to before it is SP3 hybridization and the

structure will be somewhat long face present three fluorine atoms in tetrahedral shape like this this is not Lena the next set is this is the last set sofas with icl2 positive you will be calculating the hybridization years it will be half idena 7 electrons 7 + 2 - 1 as it is a timing chart with this value comes out to be 4 sweaters SP3 hybridization and the structure is somewhat I serial serial and to repair of electrons like this along with a positive charge we can see this is a planar molecule or the three at the same like this the next one is icl2 - it will be hybridisation will be equal to 7 + 2 + 1 as it is an ionic charge and add there any charge

this comes out to be 7 8 9 10 10 by 53 and it is now sp3d hybridization will be I CID TV to chlorine atoms like this and there are three lone pair of electrons which will be present Street Bondi like this we can see this is also planar molecule class 12 quarterly discuss about CO2 and it is linear molecule all the molecules in a plane ABC icl2 minus days are coming plane the last one is exit Pol 3 oxygen is not know when it is why when it won't be counted here then it is it so it comes out to be 4 if the value is more it is SP3 hybridization and the structure will be somewhat X8 there will be lone pair

oxygen near oxygen and oxygen so don't be a planar molecule to the only set in which all this feature is a planar was the first one and this is the answer thank you


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