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Class 12






Classification Of Elements And Periodicity In Properties


The second electron gain entha...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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–780, +590–590, +780+590, +780+780, +590

Answer : D
Solution : `O^(-) overset(e^(-) )(to) O^(-2)` EGE = + ve , `S^(-) overset(e^(-) )(to) S^(-2)` EGE = +ve <br> EGE is positive when an electron is added to anion (as repulsion between negative charges) and EGE is more (+ve) in case of `O^(-)` because of it small size, so charge density increases & hence more repulsion.

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question is the second electron gain enthalpy in kilo joule per mole inverse of Oxygen and sulphur respectively at first we know about that electron gain enthalpy it is the it is defined as a change in energy when an electron is added to form negative ok so when we add electrons in oxygen atom it will form O negative again when we add second electron in O negative when we add S Electronics inform to negative and sulphur when we add electron it will warm as negative and again when we add Electronics as negative between form S2 negative ok due to repulsion between electron on O2 negative the additional

incoming electron the electron gain enthalpy of negative is possible that is negative ok due to small size of oxygen new incoming electron feel repulsion more that electron gain enthalpy of O2 negative is positive and more than the Sulphur and sulphur sizes as we know that sulfas size is more than oxygen that's why hair new incoming electron doesn't feel any type of repulsion its electron gain enthalpy is less than as compared to oxygen ok so here we see that in this is plus as well as I told you that the electron

gain enthalpy of O negative is positive to negative is also possible so it is highest + 786 option 4th is the correct answer of this question that an electron gain enthalpy of Oxygen and sulphur actively aplus 780 kilojoule mole inverse and plus 5 90 kilo joule per mole inverse

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