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Class 12






Periodic Properties


The second electron gain entha...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : D

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hello student the question is the second grade electron enthalpies of Oxygen and sulphur are respectively and we are given lease option so here the thing is that first mission what is electron gain enthalpy electron gain enthalpy is the ability of the element to gain electrons so after game electron suppose a gain one electron at it converted into a negative and it is a stable molecule that electron gain enthalpy is negative but if this is not a stable molecules of this is an unstable molecule then in that case to form the compound we have to give the electron to the system that means that type of energy is provided here it is endothermic process show

Oxygen and sulphur when one electron is added in these electronic configuration of oxygen is 1 s 22 West to rupee it is 8 and 12 to P4 and in case of sulphur its electronic configuration is three years 2 EP 4 when one electron are added in this compound these get converted into O negative and was converted into a negative ok so after that biscuit changes into two ways to topi 5 and it gets changes in 22823 S2 ep5 now here when one more electronic and this process is actually negative

because this is a stable compound which again when one more electron is added then what will happen this is also negative charge and this is also negative charge these two negative charges repel each other similar cases also here that's why to add electron here we have to provide energy here that's why the overall process becomes endothermic ok that means these two options are cut off from here because this should be positive but out of the way we have to find out which will have the more electron gain enthalpy to out of O negative and as negative oxygen being of smaller in size have repulsions more repulsions for upcoming electron that's why to add electron here more amount of

more amount of energy is needed that's why we can say that electron gain enthalpy of oxygen second electron gain enthalpy of oxygen is greater than second electron gain enthalpy of sulphur that five according to their value of 780 greater than 590 and these two a positive number is option number 4 if the correct one ok I hope you understand this question very very thank you very much

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