The repulsive interaction between two lone pairs is less than that between two bond pairs.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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student in the given question we need to enter the repulsive interactions between lone pair left then then to want to their talking about the Management Theory to anyone tell me what mean of according to Theory on and advanced theory valence shell electron pair repulsion theory we know that order of repulsion lone pair lone pair repulsion between greater than lone pair and Bond pair repulsion compared to Bond pair and it is given identified by the time according to the valence electron pair repulsion theory and it is helpful in predicting the thieves

let me take one example for our water Malik water is going to have a structure of the central metal atom has been to London and Toubro Ltd lone pair are having repulsion tendency maximum loan in Poland with loan with angles turn out to be minimum propulsive that it were not 4.5 degree in case of water molecules in The Lone pair repulsion is left not left its greater out to be great thank you

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