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Class 12






Nta Jee Mock Test 22


The relative humidity of air i...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Answer : 21.6


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hello Suraj the question is the relative humidity of air is 80% at 27 degree c if the Aqua tension at the same temperature is 27 mm of HG the partial pressure of vapour pressure of water vapour in the air will be in mm of HG start the discussion relative humidity first of all you made it is humidity is amount of moisture present in so what happens if we take care samples in this sample will contain along with water this is only humidity at this point partial pressure of water will be taken as it will be pH 2.2 is partial pressure of water reading it now what happens if we take the patient is written the opposition to same the tension in the same temperature is 27 is it

means for pressure to Vapour pressure is given to be that does not H2O will be given to it is 27 so how it is vapour pressure consider acquisition will be taken to in the solutions of water vapour will be present and the liquid solution will be present when they are in equilibrium at that point it is known as piano H2O that in vapour pressure of pure water to the spynote H2 is given to be to 27 mm of HG relative humidity is given by the formula partial pressure of H2O partial pressure of H2 by by vapour pressure of H2 at same temperature and it is given in the question that it is a steam temperature so partial pressure of H2O in 200 relative humidity

formula now the partial pressure of H2S ph2 this vapour pressure is give IP not H2O in 200 given relative humidity is 80% so it will be a t Shweta Shetti is equal to Ch 2 by P not H2O in 222 calculate is ch2o so it will be equal to 80 is equal to ph2 and H2 is given 27 in 200 to the value of PH 2 will be equal to 80 into 27 by 100g it will be now equal to 216

Sudha TV ko to 21.6 pressure of H2 21.6 will be in mm of HG 21.6 mm HG thank you


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