The reaction between yttrium metal and dilute `HCl` produces `H_(2) (g)` and `Y^(3+)` ions. The molar ratio of yttrium to that hydrogen produced is

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

`2 : 3``3 : 2`` 1 : 2``2 : 1`

Answer :
Solution :
`2 Y rarr 2Y^(3+) + 6e^(-) (Y rarr Y^(3+) + 3e^(-))`, (`n` factor = 3) <br> `6H^(o+) + 6e^(-) rarr 3H_(2) (2H^(O+) + 2e^(-) rarr H_(2))`, (`n` factor = 2) <br> 1 eq of `Y = 1` eq of `H_(2)` <br> `(n = 3)` `(n = 2)` <br> `(1)/(3) "mol" Y = (1)/(2) "mol" H_(2)` <br> `:. Y : H_(2) 2 : 3`


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the reaction between metal and dilute HCl to produce of H2 gas and y 3 + 5 ratio of freedom to that of hydrogen to write a program to find molar ratio for that if we write the reaction so Atrium + hydrochloric acid and scale why cl3 because it is the three Plus serial 322 Ramya balance reaction so have we have to why and it combines with this gives to y c l 3 + 3 song from here we can write that 2 mole of helium is combining the six Mall of cl2 gives to mall of three plus of 3 mole of H2

so from the ratio to ATM to that of a hydrogen produce so this ratio is actually 2 ratio 3 Atrium to hydrogen produce ratio is actually to correct option for the question is option is thank you

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