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Class 12






Mock Test 9


The ratio of rates of diffusio...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`4 : sqrt 11``11 : 4``1 : 4``1 : 6`

Answer : A

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Shubh rate of diffusion of Co2 and SO2 as at the same temperature and pressure will be to have to check out the rate of diffusion a diffusion at a means that movement of yes from high concentration to low concentration this is a passive process means does not take any energy to move it automatically for example if you spray perfume the perfume bottle has lost perfume it means that has their concentration written on it will distribute to your room and due to which you will feed less Mela perfume due to what it has moved from your height of station to your low concentration this is known as the diffusion so we have to check here it is inversely proportional to you so much why so if molar mass

Krrish hai to the mobility it is decreases if it is less your mobility automatically increases if your messages more than you rate of diffusion it is slow why so because it has slow mobility or you can say the diffusion mobility means the diffusion the movement now we are here to cancel carbon dioxide and Sulphur Dioxide we have to calculate the mass of 44 gram per mole this is the mass here it is Sulphur Dioxide Smart City 64 Ram per month or how I can feel it it is 12 + Europe region has 16 into two which is equal to 4432 and oxygen again it is 16 into two that is your 64 G for more studies are you molecular masses of your YouTube

we have to calculate their rate of the ratio sofas will R1 R2 are the rate of diffusion and possibly having R1 is dissociated for your CO2 and O2 is for SO2 to check the decision was so which is equal to your here it is M2 upon this is inversely proportional to the root of a molecular mass of one heart which is equal to M to score a SO2 Sector 64 and it is 44 which is equal to four so this is the answer so it comes out to be 4 is to root 11 showing their option will be the right answer

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