The rate of the reaction A+B+C Product is given by: rate =d[A]dt=k[A]1/2[B]1/4[C]0 The order of reaction is:


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everyone can see the given question the rate of reaction that is a + b + c to product that is a + b + c are the reactant and this is the product is given by rate is equal to minus b upon it is equal to K ^ and B to the power 1 by 4 and 3 to the power 0 the bracket is the concentration of reactant a bracket be the concentration of lekin BM practice is the concentration of the time she is yet to find the order of directions to this for fun are given first one is half second is 4 and third is 3 by 4 and 4 3 by 2 so consider the given direction that is a + b + c to product and its rate is given by minus b upon DT so this is the rate School 2 ke cover half width problem by 48 bracket at half baked B to the power 1 by 4 and brackets e to the power
0 is yet to find the order so we know that order is the sum of this is as some of the power of concentration concentration of reactants which appear that is the reactants appear in the rate law expression that is the brightness appear in the reflex pressure which appear in Rate Law expression in order is experimental experiment order is calculated experimentally or order is kept by the experimental rate equation which is this so order will be latest sum of power that is its is half the power of a is half the power of concentration
of age of and power of concentration of B is 1 by 4 and power of concentration of 60 Pradesh order will be overall order will be half + 1 by 4 + 0 which is equal to 3 by 4 hands order of the reaction order of this fraction whose expression is this is 3 by 4 3 Dubai foursome season 4 final answer per we can clearly write 3 by 4 which is given in the option number third hands option third is a correct choice thank you

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