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Class 12






Structure Of Atom


The radius of Bohr 's first ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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0.0265 nm0.0530 nm 0.1060 nm 0.2120 nm

Answer : C

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hair is a question in which the radius of first bohr Orbit in hydrogen atom is point 53 and strong the radius of second Orbit in Helium + will be option first 0.026 59 option S 0.05 309 options 0.1 0 60 NM and option 40.2 1209 now we know that we know that know that the radius of an Orbit that is equal to are not any square by Z and insulation is valid for single electron system single electron system and here n is

the number of cell and Z is atomic number atomic number and in question given the radius of bohr her first Orbit in hydrogen atom that is R 1 is equal to 0.53 and strong and now we find the radius of second Orbit in Helium + that Helium + and the atomic number of helium that is 2 and 1 electron will be removed then the electron in Helium Plus is one so this is also a single electron system now h r 2 is equal to 0.53 into any square that is to the square upon the value of atomic number of helium is 2 then

r 2 is equal to 0.5 3 into two and that is equal to 1.06 and strong and we know when a strong is equal to 1 Armstrong is equal to 10 ki power minus 10 metre then we write han to is equal to 1.06 into 10 to the power minus 10 M and V No 1 NM NM is equal to 10 the power minus 9 then r 2 is equal to 0.106 into 10 power minus 9 and we can say that is equal to zero point 1069 so our correct option is option number 3rd that is equal to 0.1

0 60 NM thank you

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