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The pair (s) where both the io...

The pair (s) where both the ions are precipitated upon passing `H_(2)S` gas in the presence of dilute `HCl` is (are) :

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`Ba^(2+) , Zn^(2+)``Ba^(2+), Fe^(3+)``Cu^(2+) , Pb^(2+)``Hg^(2+), Bi^(3+)`

Answer : C::D
Solution : All the ions are present in two pairs belonging to IInd group of basic radicals. They will be precipitated as their sulphides


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hello everyone so your questions is that the pairs were both the science of precipitate tired upon passing H2S gas in presence of dilute HCl is our process question this HPS and your dilute HCl when these are your group write a group to your group to Reagent ok H2S gas OK when these both are combined it will form your group tour agent so only precipitate the contents which are present in your group to ok the times their slim this is present in your group 4 OK zinc is present in your group 3 ok so this cannot be your answer the so this is element

now adding to our next this is your group second region ok but iron is your group 3 present in group theory is also cannot be your answer sitting 2S third option copper copper is your group 2 years and that was a group to Sudhir Singh correct answer to your mercury is your group 2 matter and Bismuth also present in group 220 both in form precipitate in addition of your H2S gas in presence of your dilute HCl this both the options there are belong to wear group 2 cut ions ok so they can use it for me the some point they will form a and S external when copper pyrite year when copper CU 2 +

react with your HPS in presence of your dilute HCl then you will get see us precipitate and use your black colour black affecting ok next TV when you combine debut plus two with H2S in presence of same your HCL TVS lead sulphide and black precipitate president next is your HTC + 23 + 2 and its name with us place in presence of your HCL you will get this is also the last option d i y + 3 when you react with stress and contents of your fcl you will get the De

this is your brown colour brown black colour brown black black president precipitate upon this is your black colour with this is for your that this question is that your correct answer thank you bye bye


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