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Class 12






Re-neet 2020


The oxidation number of the un...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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`Cu_2underlineO` is -1`underlineClO_3^-` is +5K_2underline(Cr)_2O_7` is +6`Hunderline(Au)Cl_4` is +3

Answer : A

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question number of the underlined each of the following species so you choose the correct option given how you can choose you need to look for each one of the top with the first woman to set ensure that oxygen is normally electronegative elements between -3 and -2 of the level of the ease with copper AC at -20 if you find a positive women are you can also do it because it's not to check if you right from this site

to check will give you the final equivalent X value turn out to be -2 this is -2 but they have given him to fit for this position for the current will be option verify that the top of him en39b are given an integer which will be coolant system how to check butterfly net the compound Kepler PR 2472 the compound interest to find for Autism initially Chrome which will be equivalent to the coordination chart for

the species medical chart CID 1422 will be there anything visit at Plus and minus minus form under into the gold will be going to the given positive degree internet speed in Kanpur

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