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Class 12






Nta Jee Mock Test 55


The order of stability of the ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

`III gt II gt I``II gt I gt III``II gt I gt III``I gt II gt III`

Answer : A

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hello everyone in this question to write on the order of stability of the following compounds so first of all on the first compound is CS 211 c ch2 double bond o when the second compound is given has CH3 C double bond ch2 C double bond CSC third compound oxygen hydrogen double bond Ch C double bond of season and CS3 in the third compound then this is there - this is day +

hydrogen is dead + of Israel - formation of hydrogen bonding hydrogen bonding there is conjugation that is single bond double bond single bond double bond then single bond conjugation also so chal is most but if you compare between first and second then second would be more stable as we know very well that ketofol more table Dell ulefone chloroform is more stable due to presence of communication + hydrogen bonding in case of

education and little bit but condition is not there to third is more stable than the second and then there is this would be the order of stability in the option that option for urgent correct answer

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