The order of leaving group ability is :



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Updated On: 30-6-2021

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Text Solution

`(i) gt (ii) gt (iii) gt (iv)``(iv) gt (iii) gt (i) gt (ii)``(iii) gt (ii) gt (i) gt (iv)``(ii) gt (iii) gt (iv) gt (i)`

Answer :
Solution :
Weaker the base, better is the leaving group. <br> Acidity : `F_3 C - SO_3 H gt MeSO_3 H gt AcOH gt MeOH`. <br> Basicity : `underset (iv) (F_3)C^(Ө) lt underset (iii) MeSO_3^(Ө) lt underset (i) AcO^(Ө) lt underset (ii) MeO^(Ө)` <br> Leaving group : `(iv) gt (iii) gt (i) gt (ii)`.



00:00 - 00:59the order of the living ability to be given some of the living group among which we have to identify the order of the living room ability to later understand what kind of grouped are leaving bisipali good leaving group basically so suppose we have such kind of compound JLT leaving group basically and our group is attacking the compound like this OK what happened BC Khali is the formation of this compound take place along with this is -2 it and I is a weak base then it will be
01:00 - 01:59stable because we press meet at the negative charges stabilize when the molecule and it will not be attacked the what we can say we can say that good leaving group good leaving group have be conducted basis conjugate bases ok to later considered is leaving group and their contract basis job leaving group basically so the conjugate of this group will be this ok chat is anything like this
02:00 - 02:59ok in Tekken structure BR gallery this NSG conjugate base there is no reason is basically a third structure we are heavy the conjugate base like this and here we are having resonance like this over the Alto gear is cross reference ok and in the both we are having the conjugate acid like this sorry conjugate base like this avashyak TV show my iPad with supporter supporter reason as physically 3:00 show
03:00 - 03:59minus I effect clearly the order of the city of the conjugate base will be like this OK will be two most basic then their three Etawah recharge basic ok store the order of leaving group nature is nivai group nature will be levels of this or that he'll do it was leaving group following 13 and 14 good leaving group ok today correct answer for this question will be be I know that I made myself clear thanks for watching

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