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The orbital diagram in which Hund's rule and Aufbau principle is violated is


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the orbital diagram in which and is option are given as the PPC from the question what is official what subject we have to first fill one electron in all of the orbital spelling one electron orbital open Sab shayari 10 Perry of electron will take
place if we see in the first option in the first option this training is taking place without telling this or incorrect but the second option if you see that there is one electron in this substance no Indus second option without feeling this subshell completely only one electron in the solution then we have started feeling sugar problem is there aufbau principle is not followed
because without completing we cannot go to a higher function as well as second is also no the figure is like this and the problem in the first of cell is that both electrons in clockwise direction Vinod that electron and the other electron must be anticlockwise that is also an option is also a second is also in the fourth case
principal form the diagram is not perfect for hair again Abu principle is not followed that this is not fully filled so I think in all of the options in all of the cases Anshul and Abu principle is violated hope you understand the question thank you

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