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Class 12






Neet Mock Test 18


The orbital diagram in which b...

The orbital diagram in which both the pauli's exclusion principal and Hund's rule are violated is :

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

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Answer : D


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hello everyone in this question where to identify the orbital diagram in which both full exclusion principle and control our quality surface 24 we will see what are the Pauli exclusion principle Pauli exclusion principle says that exclusion principle say that no two electrons orbital film orbital can have team value photo all the four Quantum number must be positive must be in

for another it will be -2 spin must be opposite to say that says that feeling will Express only when each orbital contain at least 1 electron ladki the first option in the first option first option in The Destroyer in this orbital both have same a both the police speak now this is because

everyone will contain single electron and every orbital electron has since been but if another electron will come it must have corporation so this option is correct option in the second option it is also correct this is also correct because they also recorded screen so this is also correct option in the third option which is correct this is correct this is correct but the fourth option if you will see the fourth option this is correctly represented but here they have same sweet team if you will see the third option in the third option only homes rule is violated because steering is done before filling every single orbital Soham schedule is it violated but Pauli exclusion is not valid but if we

will talk about the fourth option in the fourth option because this is empty and electron have same speed so Pauli exclusion principle is also bolati so we have answer the correct


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