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Class 12






Structure Of Atom


The orbital diagram in which b...

The orbital diagram in which both the pauli's exclusion principal and Hund's rule are violated is :

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : A


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hello everyone in this question we have to identify the orbital diagram which is wallet in both exclusion principle and control so first of all we will see what our control and Pauli exclusion principle let's see what is control control say is that each orbital must contain a single electron before appearing before pay this is the real life example if I have to fill them in the official for electrons are there so many electrons will be here one will be here one

will be and if each orbital contain single electron then there will be paying but if you do this in the light we provide here to electron electron electron pair to electron and this is Sudheesh in the violation of Houston now let's see what is Puli exclusion principle exclusion principle says that she is that the electron present in a in an orbital must have opposite thing

that is they must be opposite can't be in the same manner like this for this will be the room according to Puri express this will also be from this is the correct now let's see the options now first option in the tour was it is correctly filled into if you see these two electrons are filled in same team so Pal exclusion principle is violated y3 electrons year but painting is done before killing single electron in the each orbital Soham sarule is also valid so it is the first option which is quality both Pol exclusion principle and construed let's see the other option to here to Electronic

present here this is empty Soham sarule is wallet in here but police pleasure principle is not valid because both electrons are present with opposite spin hair neither is wallet Hero so neither is voltage for correct option is first one thank you so much


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