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Class 12






Nta Jee Mock Test 46


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : 5

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hello students the question is this is the compound that is given to us and it is react with bromine in H new so the number of possible Monu from our products are excluding stereoisomers this is the way that is given to us and it is being acted with women in presence of sunlight to we have to understand how many more no more products will be for Monu Croma products will be mean that 10 mint with the product present in the end it is it is excluded Street visor Mysterio is a nose mean that they were not same molecular formula of different structural formula suppose a compound present here and if any AXA term is present at this position in the state wise summary Idli present at this position this is basically two isomers and we will be exploring this Complex that has been given to us this is a cyclic green drink and in CST groups present and it is being treated with bromine in sunlight this occurs by free radical mechanism and free radical mechanism

first Epic initiation to this would mean that bromine is present year entry acting in presence of H2 at a sunlight to add first human it cleavage will occur and Toubro me and radicals will be formed 2 Broke Girls will be formed after that show the given compound is present our this is the given compound to a ch2oh now bromine will come here and it will be an article will attack and poster for what happens if this ch2br will be formed like this this year's to radical will be found and assuming the article will be coming attacking at this position will be ch2br Run along with this HBR will be find this was the first thing after that what happens if this is CH 2 year cycloalkene compounds present in others were also the woman writer cleavage like this and women radical will be present your so this will be giving a it will be CS3 here sorry everything

student year this is wrong so it will be to CST is present in Heroman will be substituted along with this year that was present will be acting with another woman that can respond nahi thought possibility can be this is the compound no HR articles it will be present here to this article will be forming like this fine so we will be getting it will be ch2 this and it will be bear bear will be formed year this is the third possibility of bromine is present at this position of this position will be odd to this methyl group same products will be found here so I am so that product will not be considered no after that this is the compound that is given to us not this hydrogen can be eliminated like this read articles will be formed Roman radical in stock at one edge and Italy

forming 1 HBR along with this so this is 3 and bromine will be substituted at this position against same thing from the substitute that this position will be add meta position to the set is 13 position to the methyl groups the same product will be found it so that would be considered not the last one that will be forming is this is hydrogen is present here and bromine radical is present to this will be breaking like more natak live it will occur and again HBR will be present formed and we will be getting at position 1 propositions is bromine group products that have been found 12 range this is the fourth product and the last 5th the number of possible Monu Monu Monu products are your 5 thank you

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