The most probable velocity of a gas molecule at 298 K is 300 m/s. Its rms velocity, in m/s) is


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the question is the most probable velocity of a gas molecule at 298 K is 300 metre per second its RMS velocity metre per second is 420 245 402 367 so first will need to find a relation between most probable velocity and The RMS velocity of a gas given as crms ratio of average ratio cmpc rmsd RMS velocity DAV the average velocity and CMP is the most probable velocity of these ratios are root 3 by A ratio root 8 a.m. ratio route to Aarti by
here is the molar mass of a gas constant and T is the temperatures of from this ratio we can find out the relation between RMS and most probable velocity crms by rcmp is root 3 r Ti bi m into root M upon to Aati from maja route M will be cancelled out and warranty are also cancelled out so she RMS is equals to CMP into root 3 by 2 so therefore The RMS velocity crms
Kuchh To most progress is given to us that is 300 metre per second into root 3 by 2 set will come out to be crms equals to 367.4 which is close to can say 367 metre per second and final value of The RMS velocity latest crms is equals to 367 metre per second is derived from this formula option will be option first is 420 Din wrong option 2245 again wrong option 3402 again wrong option 4367 right as you can see
so what is answer that is 367 is The RMS velocity thankyou

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