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The monomers of Buna -S rubber...

The monomers of Buna -S rubber are


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Styrene and butadieneIsoprene and butadieneIsoprene and sulphurButadiene and acrylonitrile

Answer : A


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students in the Stephen question we were on the monomer of Buna s h so what is this it's going to stand for butadiene and styling copolymer let me write expression for the reaction is being carried out to be able to take 1 3 butadiene Dayan this was the monomeric unit and other is going to be styrene to be ch2 double bond Ch single bond Ch double bond ch2 ch2 double bond ch2 what is there being combined to form the polymeric form of this month ch2 Ch double bond Ch single bond Ch 2 10th 2011 PS2 it is being repeated for a number is going to have this form it is called it is called as

butadiene styrene Khopoli Khopoli from two different monomeric unit and 1 3 butadiene styrene and also compared to other options they are not going to match isoprene and butadiene so they have not been presented view similarly isoprene and sulphur there are also not going to give you nice and beautiful time and acrylonitrile there are also not going to generate so this is going to from another set of product and can be manufactured by steering and uterine which we have seen with the reaction

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