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Aiims 2009


The molecules having the same ...

The molecules having the same hybridization, shape and number of lone pairs of electrons are


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

a. `SeF_(4), XeO_(2)F_(2)` b. `SF_(4), XeF_(2)`c. `XeOF_(4), TeF_(4)`d. `SeCl_(4),XeF_(4)`

Answer : A
Solution : `SeF_(4) and XeO_(2)F_(2)` are both `sp^(3)d` hybridized, trigonal bipyramidal and see-saw shaped with 1 lone pair of electrons each. <br> `SF_(4)` has 1 lone pair, `XeF_(2)` has 3 lone pair. `XeOF_(4)` is square pyramidal with 1 lone pair, `TeF_(4)` is see- saw shaped with 1 lone pair, `SeCl_(4)` has see-saw shape with 1 lone pair, `XeF_(4)` has planar shape with 2 lone pairs.


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hi the molecule having the stream hybridization shape and number of lone pair of electrons are there for option as hair in a we have given xef4 let's find out its Tariq number check number aisi hai total six electron and electrons in atoms are number 242 we get offended by equal to 5 so there will be sp3ed ok now for worship for shape will be like hair will have st and at this position at this position and energy will have sorry

we also have to leave now there will have a loan to up electric like this year song ok this is a b c tvpato2 f2f to stay number steric number will be as seen on have to write a letter in French option are not included it is time in it and is formed atoms and 22 so jao to be side ok so I will be so hybridization will be as T3

TV series like it will be a shape that as here we have not been or will be written as this ad hair and hair lightest and dispersion at this position will have at night and present it is in this is quite high and here we will have so is C and reflect on total are and here english letter answer ok now

sf4 ok so she will be a s f street number f-4 will be at play Because I have 6 in its valence electron ok so I think letter in spelling accent will be equal to 10 that comes out to be fine so hybridization of sf4 as3 ok now via ship for sure to save will be at helper get and here we will have this like this like there and get so here we will surely there will also be here we will have to it and hear you left me and this version

so syllabus and pattern ok now exit app to know in case of agri 82 so agri actor will there be so number will be A8 plus 220 street number comes out to be total 5 ok now habitation vibration will be SP3 and shape hair will have a n a dispersion you laughed at dispersion ASAP soon and here we will have learnt here here and here

ship is linear and so will be sef4 total asset equal to 6 plus 2 / 2 comes out to be 5 ok so hybridization is sp3d ok here and here we will also actually hair relaxing and here we have a will be any shape will be

so ok now in the last year we have given as ccl4 ok so as I will base64 string number comes out to be 5 ok and hydration over hair will be less as a test ship shape will be as high as me here we will having a lot of laptop here we will actually I am here you'll also our story season end of electrons are now let Cena option we have total electrons in a

xef4 and xeo2 app show the correct option because hydration is equity share and total and in case of agri o2m to we have 31 and hydration is as option is option