The molar volume of CO2 at NTP is :


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hello everyone so the first thing that the molar volume of Co2 at ntp is right we have to find the molar volume of Co2 you lately that we need to find a way of Co2 at ntp that is normal temperature and pressure so here we will utilise our ideal gas equation that is baby is equals to and it it is equals to run it from here we can write that we should be equals to and it by night and day for one mole so let se for energy = 21 what we can say I can say that volume it should be close to it by night and we can say that the from hairball you must be directly proportional to temperature molar volume molar volume of Co2 at ntp write it should be called you can ride we should be
Tu Aati upon p and if you use standard values of R and T sweater 0.0821 into 273 Kelvin that the temperature / pressure even so it should be equal to 22.4 litre right to the molar volume of Co2 at ntp is 22.4 litre

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