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The molar solubility (in mol `L^(-1) ) ` of a sparingly soluble salt `MX_4` is 's' The corresponding solubility product is `K_(sp)` .s is given in terms of `K_(sp)` by the relation.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

` s= ((K_(sp))/(128))^(1//4) ` ` s= (128K_(sp) )^(1//4)` ` s= ( 256 K_(sp)) ^(1//5)` ` s= ((K_(sp))/(256))^(1//5) `

Answer :
Solution :
` MX_4 hArr underset(s) M^(+) +underset(4s) (4M^(-))` <br> ` therefore K_(sp) -[M^(+) ] [X^(-)] =(s) (4s)^(4) = 256s ^(5)` <br> ` therefore " " s= ((K_(sp))/(256))^(1//5)`


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kitchen based on solubility product and quality the molar solubility in mole per litre in terms of molarity of sparingly soluble salt mx4 is the corresponding solubility product is KP is given in terms of KP by the relation therefore option is given to first we write the equation first grade equation mx4 on breaking it is M + 4 + 4 x minus and how to write in terms of tape it is this is for Indian what is solubility product KSP is the concentration of m plus 4 and this is x minus powerful and then putting the value

value of first four powerful from obtain kt4 power 4256 and power 5 from the given its power 5 equals to KSP / 256 and KSP to 50 over 1 by 5 so we can take the option what is the relationship to therefore option if you scared to 128 no 256 into caspino 128 is not a ranson now option ke speed / 256 answer

simple Mein first priority expression in terms of KSP interpreting the value of KC and concentration which is given in mole per litre mole per litre Vishesh molarity and dissipation the Octane in terms of care team

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