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The metal ions which are preci...

The metal ions which are precipitated when `H_(2)S` gas is passed in the presence of dilute HCl is :

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Answer :
Solution :
`Cd^(2+)` ions are precipitated as yellow precipitate of CdS


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hello very much for your question says that metal Ion which are precipitated then H2S gas is passed in presence of dilute HCl explain the correct answer then I'll just explain you why the rest are in the correct answer you are Kadam by cadmium when you get your H2S hydrogen sulphide in your acidic medium acidic medium is created by your dilute dilute HCl CDS form copper sulphide precipitate is formed cadmium sulfide precipitate is formed of a and this is your yellow colour your ok and this reaction is used for your

identification of your group grew S elements group S elements are like your cadmium plus to your lead plus 2 you are Mercury antimony live news use forever identification of your group 2 elements ok na and the rest options are you are zinc Nickel and Magnus actually you are group 4 elements you are just right here not zinc Nickel and

your Magnus Guru aur element aur Guru aur metal Ion pure group for metal ions ok so and gives PPT in alkaline medium this will not give PPT in acidic medium so the main conceptual point is your the acidic medium is given so this is how you have to approach this question how to get your correct answer thank you

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