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Class 12






Mock Test 13


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : C
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hello students in the given question we are given benzene molecule and we are going to react with pm ch2 ch2 CH3 molecule in the presence of anhydrous alcl3 relation and this is friedel craft reaction and over this is going to kill product then we are performing its creation with auto in the presence of water that will give product specification will be done in the presence of h + product will be formed so we need to answer what are the product formed from the reaction step by step we are given benzene and its been performed with three ch2 ch2 CL and in the presence of anhydrous alcl3 what is basically said to play without this one and its corresponding that I will be formed between two attaching on the second position there because here it mean to be more stable so in this position

table skirt and will come to the side and credit will be the molecules have represented of a molecule which is being from now it will take place on the application will take place over and corresponding product that will be fun and writing over this is the coming that is being generated to this is containing PH and both at carrying on PS3 to this is our let me complete its reaction with the second step to this is Q me see you me and which is a project in the second partition is going to be performed with CO2 over what will be done this will be corresponding the oxidized and converted to acidic part 2 it will be represented like this is this is a mystery then and I am CST and PS3 now what will be the next step that would be from a given that

which is providing X + finance + acid-catalyzed hydraulic element will take place that means I'm going to this will be removed out PSP PSP from infinite sets of product will be formed over is going to be a pin on this part will not in the specific ITO Lakshmi write the supreme products for production going to your phenol molecule and second one is going to be the attitude with ch3cl then ch3cooh this is phenol latest Acetone what is the correct answer for the season to be of the matching with option C and this is the reaction

that we have performed over

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