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Jee Main Revision Test 5 (2020)


The major product of the follo...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello students or today's question is the major product of the following reaction is and we have given this compound and it is reacted with two compound respective HCL and alcl3 in anhydrous condition and given options so the first compound which is react is HCL what acid is it as as Plus and minus in acidic medium in acidic medium double bond double bond by SN1 mechanism of SN1 mechanism and SN1 mechanism is followed by forming cargo Qatar and so we are given the compound

this one was group is attached and we have 2 3 1 2 1 2 3 4 attached to this 1234 1234 and 111 dijiye so will form here so reaction Chaudhari action that will take place after HCL is immediate will form as and then I will form a carbon I will form and now

for the further since it is changed it can form a ring and since the ring is conjugated and more stable therefore it will transform into ring so the next step to the next compound that will form after the tape and 6s plus effect soldering will form a therefore the compound which will form is and hear one will be present for this compound will form after this reaction now where the given another thing that is anhydrous alcl3 3 in anhydrous condition so what is reaction does is nucleophilic substitution will take place and is replaced by Watchmen is replaced by CL minus

show the compound after form after the reaction with alcl3 is a bending and shear this group is attached along with one carbon and nucleophilic substitution will take place by replacing watch -2 this will be our final product now if you look at the option so we have option B is a similar product which which is formed after the reaction therefore option Baja final answer understand thank you for watching the video

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