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Jee Main Revision Test - 7|jee - 2020


The major product of the follo...

The major product of the following reaction is : <br> <img src="" width="80%">

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : B
Solution : <img src="" width="80%">


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the major product formed of the following reaction is so we have been given reaction in which HCL is being added to the cell cycle is being added at this double bond addition reaction see how does this addition reaction proceeds it proceeds by the formation formation of this is HX edition and proceeds by the equation of the reaction proceeds as if first letter of the substructure so this is a ring and second ring which is at five membered ring attached at we are having h at this place Ch 3

double bond ch2 this we will be adding a 630 lone pair of electrons will be donated to a 600 there are two possibilities of products it is carbon cation in which a positive charge comes at this place aur aur the second possibility which arises here is that positive charge arrives at this place but we know that this is a cation which is having a positive charge on the carbon which is at the corner or we can say that this

carbon is a primary carbon and carbon is it tertiary carbon is attached to three other carbon atoms hence this Karva cation cargo on is very stable compared to this and this would be fine but if we see that there is a possibility of rearrangement so what we arrangement can take place at this place is a five-member drink CS3 crack at just place CS3 group at this place and in this way a pair of electrons can be donated at this site so that this cargo cat and becomes more stable this will be for this will be forming a new Car book it

on which would be having a structure in which to six-membered ring would be form and a positive charge at this place and CH3 group at this place when CL minus wale attack it will go at this site and the final product which would be formed with PS3 h&h this form is the final product this is the answer if we see which is the answer it is option be an option this happens to the arrangement of the car water tank to form a stable or less 6 member take thank you


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