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The ions of NaF and MgO have t...

The ions of NaF and MgO have the same number of electrons and inter nuclear distances are about the same (235 pm and 215 pm). Why are then the melting points of NaF and MgO so different `(992^(@)C and 2642^(@)C)`?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Solution :
Both the compounds are iso-electronic and inter nuclear distance are also about the same. However, the ions differ in their nature. In MgO, both the ions are divalent in nature `(Mg^(2+)and O^(-))` while in NaF, these are of monovalent nature. `(Na^(+) and F^(-))`. The electrostatic forces among the ions are divalent in nature `(Mg^(2+)and O^(2-))` while in NaF, these are of monovalent nature. `(Na^(+) and F^(-))`. The electrosstatic forces among the ions in the crystal lattice of MgO are stronger than in case of NaF. Therefore, the melting point of MgO is higher `(2642^(@)C)` as compared to NaF `(992^(@)C)`.


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hello students and questionnaires are give and the ions of the ions of NF and have the same number of electrons and internuclear distance age are about the same to 5235 PM and 215 pm why they are why are there the melting point of melting points of sodium sodium chloride and magnesium oxide so different hair 992 degree Celsius 992 degree Celsius and 26 40 degree Celsius ok here in sodium chloride sodium chloride sodium chloride total number of electrons in sodium have 11 electrons and chlorine have 9 electron 9 date will be 20 electrons

magnesium oxide magnesium have 12 electrons and oxygen have 8 electrons total account will be totally both have same number of electrons same same electron ok same electrons in sodium fluoride in sodium fluoride hair at this age in a plus and minus plus and minus it means the electrostatic force is electrostatic force is electro static static force force age 8 is between age between one electron charge 11 electronic electronic between force is between one electron charge but in sodium sodium but and magnesium oxide here it is made from MG 2 + MG 2 + and oxygen 2

- oxygen to manage their electrostatic force age hair electrostatic force electro static 4 is between age between two electronic charge to electronic electronic charge Ronak charge we know that a force of attraction is directly proportional to charge we know that according to the concept of directly proportional to Q1 Q2 ki want you to share electrostatic force increases electrostatic force force of attraction between molecules between particles in created so melting point increases so so melting melting point increases point increases hair so so magnesium oxide have melting point is greater than sodium ok this is

answer thank you

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