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Class 12






Periodic Properties Of Elements


The ionic radii of N^(3-) O^(2...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

`N^(3-) lt O^(2-) lt F^(-) lt Na^(+)``N^(3-) gt Na^(+) gt O^(2-) gt F^(-)``Na^(+) gt O^(2-) gt N^(3-) gt F^(-)``N^(3-) gt O^(2-) gt F^(-) gt Na^(+)`

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student in this question we need to give the order of ionic radii of entry - 42 points and the number of protons and electrons present in them so that we can define nitrogen and writing nitrogen and oxygen and fluorine and ended with new and sodium come in the third period so this is Sodium atomic number 8 and 9 respectively show that the combination of proton that are being present in case of Nitrogen how many protons are there 7 Proton in 8 photos in nitrogen and protons around which are protons and written symbols represent protons Govinda Rani ki species Subah N3 minus 2 minus minus and any positive so far been added three more electron

what is this 7 + 3 is equal to the total of 10 electric electrons in the species added two more electrons in a total of 9 plus one team 11 app to find its going to be again there will be decided on the number of the number of protons will be sent to tell you this photo from an already given largest will be in in about any which is Sodium in sodium side is going to be the minimum because these larger pots of attraction or we can call effective nuclear charge will be more to attract 10 electron this is will be smaller size so any positive will be smaller then comes under which one chlorine white flooring number is

9.29 photo editing can similarly we are come with 42 - and last we arrived in M3 - to depend upon totally on the number of protons present a Proton are going to be more than corresponding sides will be left because of largest protection we can also demonstrate like this 11 protons are attracting onley tend to be more because number of protons are more and as soon as the number of protons decreasing the corresponding is price will increase that is not given in this order thank you

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