The incorrect statemetns amgong the following is

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

The entropy of the universe remains constant Heat cannot be completely converted into work The absoltute entropy of a perferctly cystaline solid at absolute zero temperature is zeroThe total energy of an isolates system remains contant

Answer :


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question is the incorrect statement among the following is letters cheapest option than property of a unique remains constant but we know about that what is entropy what is entropy in is defined as the measure of order on randomness of thermodynamics system that is associated with conversion of heat of work that for entropy change of the universe can be denoted through the following change in entropy of Universe equal to Delta S system + Delta surrounding the change in entropy formula provides an about the spontaneity of a process or a chemical reaction the entropy denotes the tendency of Universe to move to watch

is order on randomness entropy of universe is always increases entropy of Universe greater than latest c s statement heat cannot be completely converted into latest North contained by system because heat is a process function process function is a physical quantity which device which describe the evolution which is a thermodynamics system passes from initial equilibrium state to another

thermodynamics all the heat energy can't be converted into work because there were some loss or gain of heat energy during the process latest death flute in copy of this is third law of thermodynamics entropy of a perfect crystal of a pure substance approaches zero as the temperature approaches the wrong statement is correct

which is Total energy of an isolated system remains constant of of energy Total energy remains as per it energy can neither be created nor destroyed rather it can be transferred and transferred this statement is also this is not correct option

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