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Class 12






General Principles And Process Of Isolation Of Elements


The incorrect statement among ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Hydrogen is used to reduce NiO Zirconium is refined by Van Arkel method. The sulphide ore galena is concentrated by froth flotation. In the metallurgy of iron, flux used is `SiO_(2-)`

Solution : In the metallurgy of iron `P_4 , O_(10)` is used as flux

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question let me explain to you the incorrect statement among the following is the first thing hydrogen is used to reduce Nickel oxide and oxide + hydrogen we can use to reduce heat to get nikal and water will be eliminated out it is used as a reducing agent because it's more reactive than the next sale is Defined by when Aakar method this is absolutely true Susan connell is basically or if it were when RK method then it is the metallurgical method used to define zirconium and ok and the impurity in the main impurity which is to be removed in which refining consists of Oxygen and nitrogen the impurities consists of Oxygen and Dr remove in this refining basically by heating zirconium Italian new medal in an evacuated vessel containing iodine sources

the next sulphide Ore is concentrated by froth flotation this is absolutely correct fruits rotation is used for concentration of the sulphide Ore used for concentration of sulphide Ores only process based on preferential wetting properties with the fruiting agent and water this is correct the last Singh in Metallurgy of iron flux used to silly sio2 this statement is wrong with the what happens to gandgi sio2 the impurities obtained in the metallurgy of iron are acidic in nature OK then what happens the physically react with the flux that is calcium oxide to the flux here is calcium oxide this is the impurity gandi impurity and this leads to the formation of casio3 that is the incorrect statement over here is this to the correct the answer is asking in kare

Vitamin C and e statement D is the correct answer this ok thank you

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