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Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

`C_(n)H_(2n-1)` - Alkyne`C_(n)H_(2n)` - Alkene`C_(n)H_(2n+2)` - Bicycloalkane`C_(n)H_(2n-2)` - Alkadiene


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hello everyone letters of the squares equations is that the incorrect maths is option 1 cnh2n -1 alkine option to cnh2n option 3 cnh2n + 2 by cycloalkene and option d cnh2n -2 Alka die so in this question the general formula is given for the compound we have to find out the incorrect match in option one we are given the general formula of Alkane as cnh2n -12 this is absolutely wrong the general formula of alkene is cnh2n -2 this is wrong here it is given to N -1 for example if we take a simple alekhan Ch triple Bond Ch this is it ain't so here we are

two carbon atoms and hydrogen is also to add you can see when you put any equal to 2 we get this formula when n is equal to 2 then 12 - 12 will also be two letters following the formula cnh2n -2 this is wrong then option we are given alkene cnh2n absolutely correct this is the correct formal general formula of alkene for example if we take ch2 double bond Ch CH3 this is an alkene because it contains 111 now here we have three carbon atoms and hydrogen atoms are 2 + 133 + 36 right so here hydrogen fix it is following the formula cnh2n when you put anything equal to 32 and will be

suggested the correct general formula of alkene in option serial given cnh2n plus two it is the general formula of by cycloalkanes this is absolutely wrong the general Formula for B cyclo alkane is cnh2n -2 general formula of by cycloalkene now let us consider one by cycloalkanes suppose there we have to 6 membered ring which are used like this this is by cycloalkene now if you count the carbon atoms 12345678 910

we have 10 carbon atoms are there are 10 carbon atoms now if you calculate the hydrogen here we have to hydrogen on this Karbonn also to hide and this Karbonn also has two hydrogen this carbon has to hydrogen this carbon will have only one hydrogen and this Karbonn will also have one hydrogen there are also two hydrogen air we have to hydrogen hydrogen hair and two hydrogen if you count the hydrogen the hydrogen comes out to be 18 years of this will be the formula of the compound and it was following the general Formula cnh2n -2 when you put an equal to 10 12 - 2 will be 80 rate so this is the general formula of by cycloalkenes this is wrong in option 4 we are given cnh 2

-2 alkadienes of the fifth correct die in there are two double bonds in the compound for example we have Ch double bond ch2 double bond Ch double bond ch2 this is butadiene additive Alka die carbon atoms we have 4 we have 4 carbon atoms and hydrogen atom at 2 + 1 3 4 5 6 items we have following the general Formula cnh2n -2 when you put any equal to 4 when you put n is equal to 42 and -2 will be the correct formula to this is also correct incorrect match are given in option 1 and in option 3 these two will be the answer these two will be answer answer

1 and option 3 thank you

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